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It’s now easy to earn customers’ trust with Google Badges, which conveys credibility right in front of motivated clients!

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Get Yourself A Screened Badge If You Belong To These Verticals

Bankruptcy Attorney
Business Attorney
Contract Attorney
Criminal Attorney
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Disability Attorney
DUI Attorney
Estate Attorney
Family Attorney
Financial Planners
Intellectual Property Attorney
Immigration Attorney
Labor Attorney
Litigation Attorney
Malpractice Attorney
Personal Injury Attorney
Real Estate Agents
Real Estate Attorney
Tax Attorney
Tax Specialist
Traffic Attorney

A Little Walkthrough Of The Google Screened!

Ever wish to generate more leads? Now you can turn this dream into reality with Google Screened. But what it is? Let’s discover it with us!

Google Screened is an advanced advertising podium that helps you build trust with the intended clients and get your business discovered by real qualified phone calls.

It is what keeps you away from fake CLICKS! Because it is a game of QUALIFIED LEADS!

The system gives lawyers, realtors, and financial planners a world of opportunities to grab a significant market share by making their profiles worth clicking on.


When your potential customers will search for the required service in your geographic market, the search engine will display your Google Screened business profile with:

With Agility Labs , Jump Into The Working Norm Of Google Screened!

Businesses who are eligible to become Google Screened must undergo Google’s screening and credentials checks in which license checks and background checks are part of the process. If your service provider business meets the qualifications and requirements, Google features it with a Google Screened Badge.

Once you have gotten the Google Screened, you can now run Google Local Service Ads. With Google Screened Services Ads, you get the chance to dominate the search results. The best thing is that you will be only paying for the high-quality leads, not for the clicks!

If your business has a 3-start Google rating, it’s high time to bring your company to the high-converting customers. And you know what, a BADGE can do the trick!

If You Share These Professional Services

You Are ELIGIBLE for Getting Google Screened Badge!You Are ELIGIBLE for Getting Google Screened Badge!

If you offer professional services in the niche of Law, Real Estate, and Financial Planning, you can get the Google Screened Badge once you pass the license check. For financial planner businesses, you need to go through a business-level background check and business-owner background checks to get Google Screened. Each professional in the company has to undergo a license check and a background check.

However, don’t be intimidated by these processes. Agility Labs is right here to help you get the BAGDE you need to outrank the REST!


How Much Does It Cost To Have Guaranteed Leads From Google Screened Ads?

The money that makes sense!

Google screened saves you from getting bankrupt by investing money in unmotivated leads. With this system, you only have to shed bucks for leads that relate to your company or the products/services that you offer.

Here’s how the budgeting happens.

Here’s To Know about a Valid Lead

The related leads are valid leads. And the following situations define the status of a valid lead.

When you respond to a phone call or answer a text message describing the service you offer in the geographic market, and that conversation happens during business hours. The interesting thing is that if the call lasts longer than 30 seconds, these all conditions sum up to a “Valid Lead.”

Let’s See How Does Google Make Money
For Google Screened Leads!

Advertisers that use Google Screened are invoiced for each encountered lead. The pricing is set based on the city, which means you will not be paying more than the specified amount in your weekly budget.

Why Worry, When Agility Labs Is In Hurry To Make Your Business Qualified For Local Service Ads?

You Are ELIGIBLE for Getting Google Screened Badge!

SEO and PPC have always been the KINGS to help your business make an impact on the SERP. But with this contemporary system, you may expect the organic search and PPC Ads going down the Search Engine Result Pages.

While it’s a little early to sing praises for the Google Guarantee system, as a marketing guru, we are certain that this genre can turn the advertising landscape upside down. Whether you are a real estate broker, financial planner, or lawyer, it’s high time to earn proof of your credibility and dominate the searches. We know exactly what it takes to Google Screen your profile, so rest assured your business sanity will be in the right hands.

Get Your Business Qualified and Make It A Symbol Of Guarantee With Google Guaranteed!


Reason Why You Need To Work With AGILITY LABS


We treat our clients like royalty and put ourselves in their shoes to resolve their pain points.


We don’t flaunt our clients with the surprise hidden fees; rather, we love to remain upfront with our pricing.


We share an extensive network of Google premium employees.


Our customer support team ensures to respond at the earliest possible time. None of your queries sit in our inboxes for more than 24 business hours.


Having served 1000+ clients, we are now on the dial lists on many big industries and corporations’ personas.


We devise marketing solutions that survive for many more years to come.


We have set our prices at the most accessible price points.


We bring sheer expertise to the table to inform our customers with result-driven solutions.


Our clients are given a sneak peek of the progress with the monthly reporting system.


Our clients are given a sneak peek of the progress with the monthly reporting system.

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